Infographic: Tips For Choosing Background Music For Marketing Videos

Appropriate background music will help to support your marketing message. Wrong music will distract the viewers and make your video look unprofessional.

how to choose right background music for marketing video
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Tips for choosing proper background music for marketing videos

Tip 1: Know the goal of your video

Knowing the goal will help you to understand how the music can support your marketing message.

Tip 2: Define the mood

Do you want your viewers to feel happypumped, uplifting or relaxed?

Tip 3: Keep Background Music In The Background

Don’t use music that draw attention away from the video or overpowers the narration.

Background Music Examples

Tip 4: Mind Your Target Audience

If you’re trying to reach a broad market choose the music that is neutral and broadly appealing.

Tip 5: Keep It Steady

Pick music with steady pace and no sudden changes in mood or instrumentation.

Tip 6: Keep It Current

Unless there is a good creative reason, use modern sounding music.

Tip 7: Use Loops

Combine individual loops to construct a custom soundtrack of specific length or desired instrumentation.

Note that many tracks available for licensing at Safe Music List come bundled with seamless loops. Furthermore, custom loops can be created on request.

See more loops

Tip 8: Get Proper License For The Music You Use!

Always obtain permission / license to use the music. Keep it on file for any possible copyright dispute.

Get your license from a music library that specializes in background music for marketing videos.

If you plan on uploading your marketing video to YouTube, make sure the license explicitly covers commercial YouTube use.

We also welcome you to listen to our top 20 best selling royalty free music tracks that appear in many corporate and marketing videos on YouTube and elsewhere.


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