Finding good music takes time. Finding the RIGHT music that motivates and inspires your audience takes even longer.

We want to simplify this process by offering you a carefully curated catalog with affordable and easy to understand licensing options.

Who we are

Draganov Veaceslav
Joel Hunger
Alumo Music
MikS Music
Chris Collins
Jerome Chauvel
Vitorio Cazzadore
Yoav Alyagon
Theodor Borovski
Sergey Gol
Esther Garcia
Taco Music
Toy Invention
Alex Zavesa
Husky Music
Ilya Truhanov

SafeMusicList is a collective of independent music producers and composers.

We are a non-profit organization based in Montreal, Canada.

What we do

We create professional music specifically crafted for today’s media projects.

You can use our music in films and documentaries, promotional business videos and advertisement, presentations, games, apps, and many other personal and commercial creative projects that need quality soundtracks.

You can license our music online and use it right away. All our music comes with with a lifetime royalty-free license that covers commercial use.

How it works

Browse our music catalog, purchase the license that fits your intended use, and instantly download the music.

Why choose us?

We understand you have choices. Many music libraries and individual musicians offer their music for licensing. We hope to become your go-to music provider because:

We have the RIGHT music

  • Our music is specifically tailored for use in marketing and promotional videos. Our composers have extensive experience catering to this very market.
  • Our catalog is relatively small, yet sharply focused, which makes it easier to find great music for your marketing videos compared to huge music libraries.

Legal and safe

  • Our composers own 100% copyright to their works.
  • Our music is safe to use on YouTube and elsewhere. If you get a copyright notice for using our music on YouTube, we guarantee to clear it or your money back!
  • Every order is accompanied by the email confirmation and downloadable licensing certificate.
  • Many businesses, large and small, already use our music in their marketing videos. See how GE, RICOH, and many other companies use our music.

Flexible and affordable licensing

  • Our music comes with a simple to understand licensing agreement.
  • Buy once, download immediately, use forever.
  • With tiered licensing you only pay for the usage that you need.
  • All licenses cover YouTube commercial use.
  • Being a non-profit organization helps us to cut overhead and keep our prices low. We don’t have a high salaried CEO, no fancy office space, and no corporate overlords demanding maximum profits. It’s just us and our music. Every order, however small, helps us to continue creating music!

The team is growing!

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We are always here to help!

Need custom license? Having technical issues? Got a YouTube copyright claim?

Just let us know and we will help!

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