Royalty Free Music Licensing Frequently Asked Questions

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Music Licensing Questions

Can I legally use your music in commercial projects?

Yes, absolutely! The main concern with using music in commercial marketing videos is exposing your company to copyright liability by using material that wasn’t properly cleared for your intended use. We address this concern by ensuring the following:

  • All royalty free music tracks available for licensing at our site created by reputable professional composers with many years of experience in the royalty free music market.
  • All our composers are the sole copyright owners of their works and no other party, such as a recording label or a publisher can legally claim any licensing fees if you use our music.
  • Each music licensing transaction is accompanied by a confirmation email / invoice that can be used as proof of proper licensing.

What is royalty free music?

Royalty Free Music License gives your the right to use our music without the need to pay us any additional royalties or license fees for recurring use or per volume sold, or certain time period of use or sales. Read more: What is Royalty-Free Music?

Are you affiliated with any record label or publisher?

No, we only work with independent composers who control 100% rights to their music.

In what types of media projects can I use your music?

Most of our clients use our music in promotional marketing videos. However, we believe that our tiered royalty free music license is quite flexible and covers the majority of common needs, all the way up to unlimited commercial use. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Tips for choosing right background music for marketing videos

Common terms used in music licensing and audio / video production

Can I use your music in YouTube videos?

All our licenses cover YouTube use, including commercial and monetization. You can use our music in multiple YouTube videos with no time or ‘play count’ limits.

We will help you to clear YouTube copyright claims for any music licensed via our site!

Why I got the claim?

YouTube’s digital fingerprinting system, Content ID system, is merely informing you that your video contains copyrighted material.

How the claim affects my video?

Even though you’ve got a claim, your video is still fully available and your channel is not being penalized for copyright infringement. However, YouTube may show ads in your video. These may include a typical Google ad block or a pre-roll video ad. If you don’t not mind the ads showing in your video you can simply ignore the claim.

How to remove the claim and the ads?

If you purchased the license, the claim can be easily removed, usually within 24 hours.

Read our buyers guide to learn how to clear content claims on YouTube

I did purchase the license, why do I have to deal with copyright claims?

YouTube’s Content ID system helps our composers to protect their work from unauthorized use on YouTube. Likewise it protects you, as the buyer, from bogus copyright claims by allowing composers to white-list videos and channels that legitimately use their music.

Learn how Content ID system works and how to use copyrighted music on YouTube.

Do I have to give credit if I use your music?

You are not required to give credit but we will be grateful if you decide to mention Safe Music List as your music provider.

Can I upgrade my license?

Please contact us and we will issue you the store credit (equal to the price of the original license you purchased) to apply to your purchase of the higher end license.

Ordering Process

Do I need to register or to create an account to purchase a license?

You are not required to register or to log in, in order to make the purchase. However, we suggest creating an account during the checkout if you want to be able to access your past orders and to re-use your billing details in the future transactions.

Do I need to pay sales tax?

At the moment Safe Music List qualifies as what’s known as “small supplier” and is not obliged to collect sales tax. If this is to change, you will see the appropriate sales tax appear automatically in the shopping basket based on your location.

How soon can I download my files after the order is completed?

You can download the files immediately after the payment is completed. You will also receive the confirmation email that includes the download links.

If you created the account during the checkout, you can access your past orders and view available downloads by clicking My Account in the menu.

Download your files right away. Please note that the download links are only valid for 48 hours and 3 download attempts.

Can I get a refund?

It’s a normal practice with digital goods that all sales are considered final if you download your purchase. However, if for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us and we will do our best to set things right.

I get ‘You Reached Download Limit’ or ‘Download Expired’ error

Please contact us, we will be able to restore the links for you quickly.

Web Shop Security

I don’t have PayPal account. Can I just pay with my credit card?

Yes, we accept credit card payments. Alternatively, PayPal gives you the option of paying with a credit or debit card without having a PayPal account (you may not see this option depending on your country of residence, however).

Is it safe to pay?

All payments are handled by the US based payment providers Stripe and PayPal.  We have NO access neither to your credit card nor your PayPal account at any point of the payment process.

Is it safe to submit my personal details online?

Our site is being scanned daily by SiteLock, the Web security company that protects online stores from malware. Furthermore, all information transmitted from your browser to our site is encrypted with 256-bit SSL protocol certified by GeoTrust.

Website security

Do you have access to my credit card information?

No, the credit card transactions are handled directly by either Stripe or PayPal. We do not store any credit card related data.

What is your privacy policy?

We only collect the bare minimum of personal information, in order to be able to issue the music license to you or your business. We will NOT share your name and email address with anyone else.

Your question isn’t answered?

Post your question in the comment box below or contact us.

2 thoughts on “Royalty Free Music Licensing Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I need to prepare a video for a real estate company , do they have to buy the audio track or can I buy the track on my name and prepare the video and give it to them , please advise

    1. Thank you for the question!

      In terms of licensing, both options will work. If the real estate company prefers to see their company name on the invoice and the licensing certificate, they should purchase directly. Otherwise, you can purchase under your name and supply the company with finished video that already includes the music.

      Hope this answers your question!

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