Composers Guide To Selling Music At Safe Music List Royalty Free Music Library

sell royalty free music

What music are we looking for?

We are always interested in professionally produced corporate style music that fits promotional video format.

Presently we are actively looking to expand in the following genres:

  1. Cinematic (trailers, underscore, orchestral, emotional, action, orchestral)
  2. News broadcast (typically the music you hear before or during the news)
  3. Energetic (music that pumps you up, think sports, action, workout)

Why join?

  • Our contracts are not exclusive. You can still sell your music at other libraries or directly to your clients.
  • We take the burden of managing online catalogs away from our composers. Just send us your tracks in WAV format and we’ll do the rest!
  • We offer competitive commission rates and you can negotiate your own deal. We will match the highest commission you are receiving from other marketplaces!

Unlike other royalty free libraries we actively help our composers to sell their music

For each accepted music track we will:

  • Write a comprehensive and SEO friendly description
  • Add relevant tags
  • Create watermarked preview
  • Cross-link with related tracks
  • Relentlessly promote your music on social media

Why we do this?

We want you to spend your time on creating music, not managing your portfolio!

Ready to start?

Send us a link to your music portfolio. If your music fits what our clients are presently looking for, we will be in touch to discuss the next steps.

Still not sure?

See who joined already. You may see some familiar faces.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will I earn?

You will earn a fixed % every time we sell one of your tracks. Our standard offer is 50%, however, we may be able to offer you a higher rate if we feel your music adds exceptional value to the library.

Do you accept AdRev registered music?

Yes. We also help our clients to resolve YouTube copyright claims and we take care of the complaints. Please note that we may not be able to offer the standard % rate due to the higher level of customer support needed for AdRev registered music.

I already have my music in other libraries, can I join?

Yes. Our contract is not exclusive and won’t prevent you from selling your music through other libraries or directly to your clients.

My question isn’t answered here

Contact us or post a comment below.

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