When you ‘buy’ a music track on our site, you are purchasing a license to use that track in your video or media project.


Use in personal and commercial media projects


All licenses are perpetual and valid for life


Re-use in multiple projects without any extra fees

Licensing agreement

This Licensing Agreement governs the terms by which you may download and use the music available for royalty free licensing at Safe Music List Web site.

Upon purchase of one of our royalty free music licenses, the copyright owner grants you a limited right to use the specified music track(s), hereby referred to as the Recordings, in your video or media production, in accordance with the licensing terms described below.

Allowed usage

Depending on how you intend to use the Recordings, you need to purchase a PERSONAL, COMMERCIAL, or EXTENDED license.

Personal or small business (up to 10 employees) promotional video / social media / podcast
Non-profit, charity, school or Higher Ed organization promotional video / social media / podcast
Corporate (10 employees and more) promotional video / advertisment / social media / podcast
Political advertisement video
Any revenue generaing (for sale, paid memberhip) online content
All personal or small business (up to 10 employees) media projects (presentation, event, wedding video, slideshow, audio book, etc.) not intended for sale
All corporate media projects (training videos, corporate film, presentations, internal broadcasts, tradeshow, point of sale, corporate event, on hold music, etc.)
Any revenue generating (for sale) media or product, up to 1,000 sales
Any revenue generating (for sale) media or product, unlimited sales
Free app / game
Revenue generating (for sale, in game purchases) app / game, up to 1,000 sales
Revenue generating (for sale, in game purchases) app / game, unlimited sales
Video editing software / app (free or for sale) that allows users to create videos with background music provided by the app. The end-users of the video editing software /app are granted the perpetual license to commercially distribute the resulting videos.
Free / student film
Revenue generating (for sale, rent, paid admission), up to 1,000 shows
Revenue generating (for sale, rent, paid admission), unlimited shows
Show / program with limited regional audience
Show / program with nation-wide audience
Commercial advertisement

You may use the Recordings in your personal or professional / business related projects, as well as the projects you undertake on behalf of your client or employer.

You may use the Recordings in one or many projects undertaken under the same business name.

The license does not expire and valid in all countries and territories.

YouTube-LogoAll licenses cover commercial YouTube use / monetization. The order confirmation email contains downloadable license certificate (PDF) that can be presented to YouTube as the proof of proper licensing.

Public performance rights

Applies only to Recordings affiliated with a PRO (Performance Rights Organization). All PRO affiliated Recordings provide the PRO name in the description.

This Licensing Agreement does not provide clearance for performing rights, which are governed by PROs, such as ASCAP, BMI, and similar organizations in countries throughout the world.

Typically, the performing rights royalties are paid by broadcasters and venues and, therefore, are not the responsibility of video producers, editors or other typical users of production / stock music. This may not be the case in your country. If you plan to play your media project in public or directly broadcast or stream the project yourself, and if you or the broadcaster / venue do not have a blanket performance rights license, this will be your responsibility to understand and to comply with your country’s copyright laws and to obtain additional performing rights if necessary.

Restrictions and limitations

The Recordings are licensed to you for specific use, not sold. This license does not transfer the copyright of the Recordings to you.

The license expressly forbids resale, re-licensing, or other distribution of the Recordings, either as is, or any modification thereof. You may not use, modify, resell, sub-license, assign, transfer, otherwise make available or permit access by any third party to the Recordings, except as expressly authorized by the license, as per the usage table in the Allowed Usage section.

You are not required to credit Safe Music List or its affiliated composers in your project but you may not claim the Recordings as your own work.

You may not claim ownership of the Recordings (or otherwise make it available) through YouTube’s Content ID system.

The license is not transferable. You may not re-sell or “loan” the Recordings to others. However, you can pass the license to your client if you are contracted to create the final product (for example, if you are hired to produce a corporate video for a client).

Music previews, available for free download at the Safe Music List website, are for testing, demo, and client approval purposes only and cannot be used for any other purpose including, but not limited to, any unlicensed use in commercial materials, advertisements, digital media or video synchronization.

The license is not exclusive. Safe Music List retains the right to license the Recordings to third parties at its discretion. For exclusive soundtracks please contact us.

All Recordings are licensed ‘as is’. The total liability of Safe Music List is limited to the licensing fee paid by you to Safe Music List. You hereby agree that the license is granted to you without any other warranty or recourse and agree to indemnify Safe Music List, its owners and employees, from any damage or financial loss resulting from your usage of any of the Recordings.

All sales are considered final once you downloaded the digital content / Recordings. Note that you can listen and download the free watermarked preview of the Recording before the purchase. This allows you to safely try the Recording in your video or media project and to avoid purchasing the wrong product.

If you experience any technical issues with downloading or using the Recordings please contact support.

Need custom license?

If your project doesn’t fit any category listed in the allowed usage table or you need wider rights, please contact us for custom pricing and licensing.