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How to license and download our music

attention-redRead step-by-step instructions how to search our online royalty free music catalog, how to choose the right royalty free license that fits your needs, how to make payments, and how to download the music once the payment is completed. Read more

Frequently Asked Questions

attention-redThe list of most frequently asked questions about music licensing and Safe Music List Web shop. Is it secure? Is it legal? What is royalty-free music? How does the music licensing work? Read more to learn the answers to all these and more questions.

Royalty Free Licensing Agreement

attention-redWhen you ‘buy’ a royalty free music track on our site, you are actually purchasing a license to use that music in your project. The type of the license you need depends on the intended use. Read more to learn how to choose the right license to match your needs.

How To Resolve YouTube Copyright Claims

Why you received the claim?

YouTube employs the elaborate digital fingerprinting systems, called Content ID, aimed to prevent unauthorized use of copyrighted material. The copyright claim is merely informing you that your video contains copyrighted material. However, since you have the proper license to use the music on YouTube, the claim can be easily removed.

How the claim affects your video?

Even though you’ve got a claim, your video is still fully available and your channel is not being penalized for copyright infringement. This isn’t a copyright strike. However, unless the claim is removed, YouTube may show ads in your video. These may include a typical Google ad block or a pre-roll video ad. If you don’t not mind the ads showing in your video you can simply ignore the claim.

How to quickly remove the claim and the ads?

Please use one of the following options:

  1. Send us the link to your video along with the order number (you can find in in the order confirmation email). If you don’t have the order number handy, we still should be able to find your order by your email but it may take a bit longer.
  2. Contact AdRev support and let them know that you purchased the license that grants you the right to use given music track in your YouTube video. You can include the confirmation email as proof of proper licensing.
  3. Dispute via YouTube’s built-in form. This may take longer compared to the other options.

Learn more in our Buyers Guide To YouTube AdRev Copyright Claims

See How Other Companies Use Our Music on YouTube

A collection of real-life YouTube marketing videos from a variety of companies and industries that use our royalty free music. All music you hear in the videos can be instantly licensed and downloaded from our online music licensing store.

Innovative transportation solution promo video (YouTube)

See How GE Uses Video and Positive Royalty Free Music For YouTube Marketing - See how GE Transportation, a division of General Electric, uses video and positive royalty free music to promote their innovative transportation solutions on YouTube. The background music is Taking The Lead.

Information technology services advertisement (YouTube)

See How Ricoh UK Uses Video And Motivational Royalty Free Music For YouTube Video Marketing - See how technology service providers do YouTube video marketing. In this video Ricoh UK talks about modernizing the way we work by creating a digital workspace. The background music is Key to Success.

Real estate agent promo video (YouTube)

See How Ray White Real Estate Uses Video and Positive Royalty Free Music in YouTube Video Marketing Campaign - See how Ray White, a large real estate company, promotes their auction services with YouTube video marketing. The background music is Reaching for the top.

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Tips for choosing right background music for marketing videos


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