5 Must Have Marketing Videos For Any New Business

5 must have marketing videos for new business
If you’re in charge of marketing your company’s products or services, don’t underestimate the power of video! Done right, even a simple marketing video can help to boost engagement, create brand awareness, and ultimately turn viewers into prospects or customers. Here we discuss 5 most recommended types of business video that will add value to any new business marketing strategy.

Why use video?

The explosive growth of video sharing platforms, social media, and easy-to-use video editing tools creates a wealth of new opportunities for digital marketers.

A growing number of marketing studies show that video helps to boost conversions, build trust, improve your search engine rankings, and boost your presence on social media.

If you’re just starting with video marketing, consider investing a little portion of your marketing budget into tried and true promotional videos, rather than jumping on new trends like VR or comedy adverts right away.

Top 5 recommended types of marketing videos for a new business

1. Company Profile / Introduction

1 company profile video

Nobody likes doing business with strangers, so don’t be a stranger and introduce your company to your prospective clients with a company profile video.

Storytelling can be a great approach if you have a compelling story to share. Think about your social cause and core values and how it can relate to your clients.

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2. Explainer video

2 explainer video

Explain how to solve a problem or an issue using your product or service. Rather than focusing solely on the product, focus on the issue and introduce the product as one of the possible solutions.

Explainer videos are an excellent option to introduce your product in a concept of a common problem that needs solving.

3. Promotional product video

3 product promo video

Unlike explainer videos, a promotional product video focuses solely on the product. This is where you explore and showcase your product’s tangible benefits.

This type of video works best for prospective clients closer to the final stages of the sales funnel. For viewers who are actively researching you products (and probably comparing it to similar products from your competitors).

Having a promotion or special offer? Include it into your product video and let the world know! Promote on social media and focus on your target market for widest reach and the best impact.

4. Client testimonial / review video

4 testimonial review video

Social proof is a powerful marketing tool. Build trust by sharing your clients stories or letting your customers review your product. Note that authenticity is paramount to the success of your testimonial video.

Weak testimonials and reviews that look fake or scripted will have the opposite effect and ruin your chances of creating the trust required to engage the viewer.

5. Holiday video

5 holiday video

The holidays are notorious for the sentiments they invoke. Tap into that sentiment with a specially crafted holiday marketing video.

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Making lots of videos?

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Not ready to make videos?

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  1. It’s so cool to know how video marketing helps increase a business’s social media presence! A few weeks ago, my aunt said she’s interested in starting a business with her daughter. I believe it’d be wise if my aunt explores her marketing options, so I’ll be sure to suggest she looks at video marketing! Thank you for the information on how promotional videos and their impact!

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