5 Best Christmas Video Ideas For Holiday Business Marketing

5 best christmas video ideas holiday business marketing

Christmas Is A Truly Special Time For Video Marketers !

Christmas is surely a special time of the year. Spending time with family, exchanging gifts, going on holidays, the list goes on.

On top of that, Christmas can be a great opportunity to market your business, to get in touch with clients and prospects, and to bring in some extra sales.

Here is our list of top 5 easy to create Christmas business video ideas:

1 A Year In Review

year review christmas videos

Make a video of your company’s best achievements. Reached an important milestone? Managed to overcome a great challenge? These are all good topics to talk about.

The goal of this video is to demonstrate the growth and agility, to inspire confidence, and to convey the idea that your company is here to stay.

The best part, you don’t need to hire a production company. This can be as simple as a DIY animated slideshow with few key numbers . Take a look at Adobe Spark that allows you to create great looking slideshow videos in minutes.

Add a fitting soundtrack to set the mood. Pick a genre that fits the tone of the video (business-live, fun, upbeat?) or add some holiday cheer feel with some Christmas background music.

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2 Christmas Card

corporate christmas card video

Make a video version of a good old Christmas card. Thank your clients for their business. Make sure they feel appreciated and are critical to your success. Put it online for everyone to see.

The goal of this video is to steward the relationship with your existing clients (or business partners) and to demonstrate your caring attitude to any prospect who happens to see the card.

You easily do this with an established eCard provider like American Greetings or once again design your own with free software like Adobe Online eCard Maker.

3 Christmas Sales Promo

christmas sale promotion video

Having a Christmas sale? Certainly make a video to highlight your best deals. This video may not be all that difference from any other promotional video but it must have at least some design elements related to Christmas.

Once again an easily recognized Christmas tune can be one of the simplest ways to set the perfect holiday mood.

4 Just For Fun

christmas fun party corporate video

Create a funny video related to Christmas in some way. This may include some funny footage from your last year’s holiday party (just be careful not get anyone offended), a mock documentary how you hired Santa to help with Christmas mail, some mock testimonials of elves as your clients, and so on.

The goal of this video is to increase the brand awareness in a funny and entertaining way. If you’re lucky (and put some thought in that video) this may end up a viral holiday hit. Jackpot!

5 Show Generosity

show christmas generosity corporate video

Donate to your local food bank or to a charity of your choice and make a video sharing this story. However, focus on those you’re trying to help, not on your company. Don’t treat this as an opportunity for shameless self-promotion!

As with the funny video, the goal of this Christmas video is brand recognition but in a more serious, responsible way. If you don’t have a social responsibility video in your arsenal of corporate videos yet, this could be a good start.

Here’s a link to a convenient food bank search in the US and here’s one for Canada.

More Ideas

Feel free to explore other types of videos, like Christmas life hack video, office decoration competition, Christmas bake, and so on.

There is, however, one thing we would not recommend:

Lip Syncing A Popular Song


This may sound like a fun and innocent idea, however be mindful of copyright issues.

As a rules of thumb, using copyrighted music in videos and media projects requires a special kind of license called Sync license.

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Most social platforms, including YouTube and Facebook employ robust software tools to monitor and prevent unlicensed use of copyrighted content.

While your company may not get sued over a simple holiday video, using unlicensed music on social media may result in your video removed or muted, blocked in some countries, or stuffed with ads.

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Looking for music to use in Christmas business videos?

Listen to our collection of Christmas music tracks. All our music is available with an affordable lifetime royalty free license and cleared for commercial business use.

Need more music?

Our good friends at TunePocket offer unlimited access to their entire music catalog for a moderate annual fee. This can be a great option if you’re making videos on the regular basis. Check out their Christmas music collection.


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