3 Key Elements Of A Successful Real Estate Video (Infographic)

A successful real estate marketing video is created by combining relevant content, quality cinematography and audience targeted music, all working together to create a powerful presentation.

What Makes A Successful Real Estate Video (Infographics)

1: Relevant content

Make sure the video content is relevant and to the point. Include information about the property (obviously) but as well consider adding a quick overview of the neighborhood, local business highlights, testimonials, call to action (what is that you want the viewers to do), and your contact info.

2: Quality cinematography

  • Pay attention to camera settings, especially white balance
  • Set up sufficient lighting or wait for favorable weather
  • Alternate camera movement and zooms
  • Use a tripod

3: Appropriate background music

Marketing professionals agree that if you put some thought into choosing your music soundtrack to make sure it resonates with your audience, this can greatly improve the performance of your promotional video.

Pay attention to the property type and potential buyers demographics! Choose music that is most likely to appeal to prospective buyers. A peaceful waterfront gateway video will need a different soundtrack than one promoting a high rise condo in downtown core.

4 (bonus): License any music you use to avoid copyright and legal issues

Using music that was not properly cleared for commercial business use may lead to some unpleasant consequences, from getting your account YouTube penalized to potentially costly legal issues with copyright owners.

Build up your own background music collection and safely use it in ALL of your real estate videos

See available music packs or pick from a large collection of individual music tracks.

Buy once – use forever, cleared for commercial use

All music is available for immediate online licensing with commercial royalty free license and money back guarantee.

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