How To Get Great Music For Real Estate Video AND Save Up To 50% On Licensing

A successful real estate marketing video is created by combining relevant content, quality cinematography and appropriate music, all working together to create a powerful presentation.

get music for real estate video and save

Music helps!

Successful marketing professionals agree that a carefully chosen music soundtrack that resonates with your audience can greatly improve the performance of your promotional video.

Simply put, appropriate music creates an emotional connection with your prospective clients and motivates them to watch the video through.

Yet, many real estate agents still struggle to maximize the potential of their videos by either not using the music at all or by choosing inappropriate (or unlicensed) soundtracks.

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Here are some common excuses for not using music in real estate videos:

Issue 1: I don’t have time to search for music

Given the abundance of music and music licensing options, it may take considerable time to find the music you have in mind and to make sure you can legally use it in your video.

Issue 2: Free music sounds “amateurish” and I don’t get my licensing questions answered

There are plenty of places (including YouTube) to get free music. Some you may legitimately use in commercial videos, some you may not but often free music isn’t the best in terms of production quality and support (in case you run into any issues, have legal questions, or want to make some changes).

Issue 3: Music licensing is confusing

Can I use free music? Can I use any music I download from iTunes? What license do I need for a commercial marketing video? What is a Sync license and where do I get one? Do I need another license if I use the same track in another video? These are just few questions you may be asking yourself.  Music licensing can be confusing, especially for commercial business use.

Issue 4: Record label wants $10,000 for that song!

Think about your ROI. If you’re selling a multi-million $ mansion, a top 40 hit may be exactly what you need! Otherwise, popular commercial music is normally way too expensive to license for a small real estate video.

Issue 5: YouTube will terminate my account

YouTube (and other networks) are very strict about using unlicensed music. If you are using any content that you didn’t create (including free music), it’s best to have explicit permission from the content owner that can be presented to YouTube in case of copyright dispute.

Our solution

music for real estate video solutionBuild your own music library with affordable music packs created specifically for real estate marketing videos and save up to 50% compared to licensing single tracks!

Let’s see how our music packs help to solve the issues we discussed earlier.

Issue 1: No time to search SOLVED

No need to spend precious time searching for good music or trying to figure out if you can use this music in your video. Our music packs complied by experienced staff music editor based on the feedback from the professional filmmakers who make today’s best real estate videos. You can quickly preview each pack’s content, as well as listen to entire tracks included in the pack before purchasing.

Issue 2: Low quality, no support SOLVED

All music included in our packs created by professional composers with years of experience writing soundtracks for commercial marketing projects.

We provide full support for our music, including pre- and post-sale support. We can help you with editing, looping, and even can create custom versions just for you (additional fees may apply).

We offer unconditional money back guarantee if you experience issues with your order and not able to instantly use our music (can’t download, mixed-up files, poor audio quality, and so on).

Issue 3: Confusing licensing SOLVED

We provide comprehensive all-in-one Master Sync license that grants you perpetual right to use our music in most visual media applications, including commercial business video.

Buy once – use forever! Our license is royalty free, which means you don’t have to purchase any additional licenses if you want to use the same music in multiple videos.

If you have any questions, please post a comment or contact us.

Issue 4: Good music is expensive SOLVED

In our opinion, our music packs offer excellent (if not the best) Price – Quality combination on the market, especially among commercial business use licenses.

Our license is “buy once – use forever”, which means no membership / subscription fees or any recurring payments, no matter how many times you use our music in your videos.

Unlike subscription music libraries, the packs do not require long term commitments and you certainly can’t lose access to your own music library once your membership expires.

Issue 5: YouTube copyright grief SOLVED

Each order includes a downloadable licensing certificate that can be presented to YouTube (and other networks) as proof of proper commercial licensing.

We guarantee to resolve all YouTube copyright claims related to using our music OR YOUR MONEY BACK!


Have specific music needs?

You can build your own pack! Simply keep adding the music you like to the cart. Once¬† cart’s content reaches $99, an automatic pack discount will be applied. Browse entire catalog

Need even more music?

download unlimited royalty-free music for personal commercial use

See how our clients use music in their real estate marketing videos

See How Ray White Real Estate Uses Video and Positive Royalty Free Music in YouTube Video Marketing Campaign - See how Ray White, a large real estate company, promotes their auction services with YouTube video marketing. The background music is Reaching for the top.


Using background music can help your real estate marketing video to convert better. Build your own background music collection with professionally curated royalty free music packs and save up to 50% on licensing compared to licensing single tracks.

Example music pack

Grow Your Own Music Collection!

Save up to 50% with curated music packs

Do you frequently edit or produce promotional business videos? Build up your own background music collection with affordable music packs licensed for commercial business use. Save up to 50% compared to purchasing individual tracks!

  • From: $99.00
    Personal Royalty Free License

    To use in personal or small business (up to 10 employees) promotional video, social media, podcast, presentation, free / student film, free app / game, and any media / online content not intended for sale.

    Commercial Royalty Free License
    Extended Royalty Free License
    or visit the details page
$186 - $1990
$99 - $999
47% - 50%


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