Choosing Music For Real Estate Video? 3 Rules You Can’t Ignore: Infographic

Using background music in real estate video listings can greatly help to maximize your marketing effort. The trick is to use the right music!

How To Boost Real Estate Video Conversions With Targeted Music

Rule 1: Keep focus on the content

Choose music that supports the video without drawing too much attention. You want the viewers to focus on the property, not the soundtrack.

Rule 2: Match the pace of the video

The goal is to make music and video work together to amplify each other. You can achieve this by editing the music to match the key events in the video or, in most cases, it is easier to edit video and make it follow the soundtrack.

Rule 3: Mind the target audience

Choose the music that is most likely to appeal to (or at least not to put off) prospective buyers. Specifically, pay attention to the property type and buyers key demographic, such as age, income / education level, and origin.

Rule 4 (Bonus): License any music you use to avoid copyright and legal issues

Using music that was not properly cleared for commercial business use may lead to some unpleasant results, from getting kicked off YouTube to legal issues with copyright owners.

Build up your own background music collection and safely use it in ALL of your real estate videos

See available music packs or pick from a large collection of individual music tracks.

Buy once – use forever, cleared for commercial use

All music is available for immediate online licensing with commercial royalty free license and money back guarantee.


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