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Alumo Music

AlumoAlumo Music is run by musician and producer Matt Harris who creates outstanding audio productions for commercials and broadcast, including music for many TV / Radio commercials and video productions worldwide.


Yoav Alyagon (AudioSphere) is a professional and experienced composer and producer specializing in producing professional music for business, advertising, TV, film, and so on.


BasspartoutBasspartout (wordplay with the french 'passe-partout') is a songwriter, composer and producer from Berlin, Germany. His portfolio features music in various styles, suitable for everything from corporate videos and business presentations to TV commercials and documentaries.

DP Music

DP MusicDP Music offers royalty free production music specifically crafted to fit video production and media projects format.


Draganov Veaceslav ( Draganov89) is an experienced pianist, composer, and music producer specializing in cinematic , happy and inspirational music.


EGProductionsEGProductions is a project by Esther Garsia, a professional composer, pianist and music producer from Spain who creates outstanding music for film, games, commercials and advertising, ranging from cinematic to pop, chill, jazz and corporate music.

Indie Music Box

Chris Collins (Indie Music Box) is a designer, comic artist, and composer who makes great ambient relaxation music for yoga and meditation videos, as well as media projects and events that call for peaceful zen atmosphere.

Jerome Chauvel

AlumoJérôme Chauvel is a versatile composer and performing musician based in Roche la Molière, France. Jérôme creates royalty free music in multiple genres from uplifting corporate pop to energetic rock, to electronica, specifically tailored to video production and media use.

Joel Hunger

Hi, I am a Portland, OR based musician who has been writing, recording and performing music for more than 20 years. I mostly write acoustic alternative rock, folk, and bluegrass music driven by acoustic guitar, piano, bass and drums, occasionally the mandolin, banjo, and ukulele. I hope you like what you hear!

MikS Music

Hi, I'm Mik and I make background music for marketing video and business use, YouTube, and short films. I offer my clients, small business owners, video marketers, and media creators, affordable and professional background music with flexible licensing terms.


ProTraxxMatt Stone aka ProTraxx is a full time producer, songwriter, sound engineer and keyboard player. He's been writing, recording and producing music for albums, commercials and films for over twenty years. Matt also runs his own studio for recording, mixing and mastering where he’s producing all kind of audio tracks for the advertising industry, as well as for bands and musicians.

Segey Gol

Sergey GolSergey Gol is a versatile music composer who creates expertly crafted orchestral cinematic music to use in film, documentaries, and emotional promotional videos.


T-TriderVitaliy a.k.a. T-Trider is a music producer, DJ, and sound engineer from Minsk, Belarus. T-Trider specializes varous genres of electronic dance music (EDM), including but not limited to drum'n'bass, dubstep, breakbeat, as well as electronica influenced ethnic music.

Wide Cloud Production

Wide Cloud ProductionsTheodor Borovski (Wide Cloud Production) is a producer, composer, multi-instrumentalist and sound engineer from Moscow, Russia. A professional musician with years of experience, Theodor is happy to offer his high quality music for commercials, TV, movies, and other media projects.

World Music

WorldMusicWorldMusic is a project by Vittorio Cazzadore, a conservatory trained music producer, composer, and recording artist from Verona, Italy. Vittorio enjoys creating upbeat music and has extensive experience writing for film and advertising projects.


WOWSoundFounded in 2015 W.O.W Sound aims to provide high quality and unique royalty-free music and sound effects for game and filmmakers.
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