Corporate Ambient (incl. loops)

4:55 100 bpm
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Calm electronica royalty free music with modern ambient electronic “hi-tech” sound for technology marketing promo videos. Includes 2 seamless loops.

Duration: 4:55
BPM: 100
Format: MP3 WAV
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Personal Royalty Free License

To use in personal or small business (up to 10 employees) promotional video, social media, podcast, presentation, free / student film, free app / game, and any media / online content not intended for sale.

Commercial Royalty Free License
Extended Royalty Free License

About this track

Calm electronica royalty free music with modern ambient electronic sound. The mid-tempo arrangement features synthetic marimba and vibraphone sounds and subtle sound effects that give this track its recognizable “hi-tech” / technology feel. This electronica royalty free music track does not feature a strong lead melody and will work great as background soundtrack for a wide range of technology marketing videos, high-tech product promos, technology and digital media related YouTube channels, and  software how-to videos.

In addition to the main track, the download includes 2 seamless loops:

  1. Full track (WAV, MP3) 4:55
  2. Loop 1 (main theme) 0:19
  3. Loop 2 (main theme with percussion and bass) 0:19

Looking for short electronica music cues for video intros and outros?

Set of 2 calm and ambient electronica music short cues to use as video bumpers (intros, outros) in technology corporate marketing videos, explainer how-to videos, hi-tech product promos, and business podcast. Alternatively you can use these short (0:31 – 1:06) music cues as background soundtracks for an After Effects template project or an indie game.

Looking for more electronica loops to build custom soundtrack for your marketing video?

Build your own background music soundtrack with a set of 19 versatile electronic loops with corporate hi-tech sound. Hi-Tech Electronic Background Loop Set includes 19 specially formatted loops between 8 and 18 sec long and based on 3 various themes, from calm mid-tempo techno (112 bpm) to ambient synthpop (96 bpm). All loops are available in WAV format for seamless looping.

Planning to use this music in a YouTube video?

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