Watching Wildlife

4:01 84 bpm
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Soft relaxing acoustic music that creates the feeling of peace and harmony for relaxation and meditation videos, promo videos, presentations, and commercial business use.

Duration: 4:01
BPM: 84
Format: MP3 WAV
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Personal Royalty Free License

To use in personal or small business (up to 10 employees) promotional video, social media, podcast, presentation, free / student film, free app / game, and any media / online content not intended for sale.

Commercial Royalty Free License
Extended Royalty Free License

About this track

Soft and relaxing acoustic music theme that creates the feeling of peace and harmony. The gently evolving 84 bpm arrangement features warm acoustic guitar and strings sound and sets relaxing and comforting mood. Use this relaxing acoustic soundtrack in commercial relaxation and mediation videos, wellness promotional videos, calm business presentations, healing sessions, yoga classes, and other media projects aimed at creating a relaxed and comforting atmosphere. Both WAV and MP3 versions are included. Download free preview and safely try this relaxing acoustic music in your personal or commercial project before you buy royalty free license.

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Customer reviews

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I was very happy with this music for my project. I also purchased several other music scores that I found on the website. It was a pleasure to navigate through the catagories and the download was easy to achieve.

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